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About Cap'n Crunch

Why cap'n crunch?

the brands will be sold by resellers who are financially reliable. 'cause we are financially reliable too. That's why we only do business with strong financial partners. As we continue to push our ideas forward, we also intend to pursue a universal network of clients while staying true to our roots.

Once we got the attention of our customers, we don't let go. we keep on making the conversation by on- and offline marketing actions.

In marketing and sales we stand out. we excel in customer support. Cause our representatives visit our customers frequently.

We offer growth driven commercial conditions. And we organize incentive programs for growth based upon well defined partnership programs.

Welcome To Cap'n Crunch

We deliver a well-developed retail network, powered by a professional network of individuals. Each brand is handpicked by Franklin Clavie based on its philosophy and position within the market.

Our Brands

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Call: +32 2 377 24 45
MA - VR 8:45-17:15


Location: Kasteelstraat 20 C
1600 Sint Pieters Leeuw